Half a Roulette Game – Roulette 18

Half a Roulette Game – Roulette 18

Roulette 18 is a new game introduced by TCSJohnHuxley in an effort to bring the fun of roulette wagering to a crowded casino floor. Theres no wheel, just half a roulette layout on a traditional blackjack table and other casino bonus

In truth, the table itself is slightly more oval along the player side than most pit-game tables, but the  takes up less space than a rectangular roulette table requires. And, the game can also be offered in most any jurisdiction because there is no spin. Instead, a very unique looking 20-sided die is used. It has 18 numbers in traditional roulette black and red plus green for 0and 00. Since a 19-sided die was impossible to make, the die has 20 sides, but the 00 is considered a push when it rolls. In other words, only 1-18 and 0 count. If 00 rolls it is ignored, the bets stay where they are, and the die is rolled again in the automatic shaker or one like those used at Sic Bo.

Wagering at Roulette 18

Prior to each new roll, the dealer will allow players to make wagers with their own color chips.

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Each player may have their chips set at personal denominations or the house may have all chips set at a table-minimum. Once all wagers have been made, the dealer will wave-off any more bets and the die will be shaken and a winning number noted with a marker.

The layout used for Roulette 18 is very similar to the first half of a traditional roulette game. Inside wagers can be placed on any number or group of numbers from 1 to 18, plus the single zero. Payoffs are the same as a regular double-zero wheel game (5.26 percent). Outside wagers include 1-9, Even, Red, Black, Odd and 10-18.

Roulette 18 Wagers and Payoffs

Straight-up wagers pay 17 to 1

Split (2 numbers) pay 8 to 1

Street (3 numbers) pay 5 to 1

Corner (4 numbers) pay 7 to 2

Line (6 numbers) pay 2 to 1

Outside wagers of 1-9, Even, Red, Black, Odd and 10-18 pay 1 to 1. These wagers lose 1/2 if 0 is rolled, so the house edge is 2.63 percent.

Double Hit Roulette 18 Wager

Roulette 18 offers a new wager for players called Double Hit. It is optional, but players may wager on the proposition bet by placing their bet on the straight-line of numbers above the standard wagering area. The wager pays 12 to 2 if the selected number is shown on the die. Then, if the same number repeats on the very next roll, the player is paid an additional 120 to 1 payout and their original wager is  returned.

Overall, Roulette 18 is very appealing for players who dont have access to a traditional wheel game (which is the case at many Native American casinos) and really enjoy the wagering style found only on roulette. In addition, players will find that the game moves more quickly than traditional roulette, with no spinning ball to wait for.

This also means that the overall cost of playing will be slightly higher, since the player will make more wagers and see more outcomes per hour.

For roulette-system players, youll find that although there are only half-as-many numbers as you are used to, your system is likely to go through the same ups and downs. The Martingale and d’Alembert will be exactly the same. However, a system such as the Six-Pack Plus will need to be adapted slightly.