Live roulette takes an exciting game on the casino floor where mixed with elegance and enigma, it brings casino gamblers to a moment of breathtaking game with the hope that the spinning roulette wheel takes the ball to drop on the number or numbers a player bets on.

Being a casino game with high element of chance on its outcome, live roulette game is a fun game to play in casinos. Playing roulette is quite simple. Learning the fundamentals about roulette is an essential step in order to better understand playing the game.

Roulette is played with a simple rule. One should bet on the numbers from the roulette betting layout. The croupier tosses a roulette ball on a spinning roulette wheel. From the roulette wheel are numbered pockets. The number of the pocket where the roulette ball drops will become the winning number.

Aside from an understanding the different bets that can be played in roulette, learning the various etiquette involved from playing a live roulette game is important to properly conduct one self when playing on the roulette table.

Roulette players are required to place their bets on the betting layout on the roulette table and tell the dealer exactly the amount one intends to bet. The dealer will then give the player roulette chips of the same amount as the player’s money.

The etiquette to observe when betting is to wait for the croupier to announce when to start betting and when the betting ends. As the roulette ball drops on a numbered pocket the croupier puts a marker on that number and begins to pay the winners.

Players should observe the etiquette of waiting until the croupier is done paying the winners before placing their bets on the table. There will be an allotted time for betting. Oftentimes the croupier allows the players to bet even during the roulette wheel is still spinning. At this point the players can continue placing their bets on the betting layout.

Roulette players are obliged to observe the etiquette not to place more bets on the table as soon as the croupier announces no more bets are allowed anymore. For players who are not yet done betting, they should find the etiquette to wait for the next betting round.

The proper etiquette to observe when placing chips on the table during the betting rounds will be to stack the chips neatly and to avoid knocking over other players’ chips on the table.

It would also be an essential etiquette to observe proper conduct of using polite words to the croupier and to the other players on the roulette table as well. Playing live roulette is fun once all players observe the proper etiquette rightful to an educated gambler.