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Half a Roulette Game – Roulette 18

Roulette 18 is a new game introduced by TCSJohnHuxley in an effort to bring the fun of roulette wagering to a crowded casino floor. Theres no wheel, just half a roulette layout on a traditional blackjack table and other casino bonus In truth, the table itself is slightly more oval along the player side than


Since roulette is more of a chance gambling than strategy or skill, we might as well enjoy it while taking a chance. Who knows, the trick might prove to be lie in these fun tips on how to chance upon the roulette lucky number of the day. Luck principles say that for specific days there

Speed ​​that counts as a Blackjack course

We all know that the game of Blackjack is a game of skill. Know how to count cards, the player can acquire the advantage over the casino. The easiest method to date is speed counting. In a two-day range the player can know how to present the mathematical advantage against the casino. It is about

Badugi As soon as a variety of the bat

Badugi is a variety of poker that originated from Asia. It has currently become popular around the world and is played on both land-based and online casinos . Badugi Poker is especially easy for poker players who have already mastered the original game. Badugi is played with four cards and three draws. The player who

Security systems make sure that online casinos are safe

You might not believe it, but people playing their favorite gambling games in online casinos do spend a good sum of money. Combine this with the number of persons playing on most of the reputed sites and the total amount of cash transferred per day runs into tens of thousands. Online casinos need to be

Developing Safe & Good Online Gambling Habits

For many people, online gambling is an activity that can provide a few hours of relief from the stress of everyday life. It is a time when you can let your hair down and enjoy the simple pleasure of playing a casino game on your own time. One thing is certain, and that is online